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Natural Capital Investment

Conservation and stewards of land to help solve the climate crisis.

Why invest in natural capital?

Investing in natural capital means focusing on the conservation of our landscapes, which includes planting trees, restoring peatland, and protecting biodiversity and local ecosystems. These activities create nature-based credits that we believe are integral in solving the climate crisis.

Decarbonisation is just one part of the puzzle to achieving net zero. Even with a path to removing emissions, there will always be residual hard-to-abate emissions that companies should be offsetting.

Growing numbers of companies have net zero targets not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because there are clear commercial advantages.

Demand for high quality nature-based credits is expected to increase in a market where the supply isn’t there yet.

Our approach to natural capital investment

Companies need to offset their emissions authentically and avoid reputational risk. And investors need to invest in the responsible restoration and management of land.

We focus on carbon dioxide removal (CDR) activities which actually remove existing CO2 from the atmosphere and store it in natural carbon sinks for the long-term. Partnering with trusted operators to bring best-in-class conservation and rigorous investment management, we are creating real impact through the generation of high quality carbon credits that are worthy of trust.

Our holistic nature-based approach creates value for all stakeholders and helps investors capture the growth potential in the carbon market.

Trusted carbon credits

Produced by high-quality conservation and land management in the UK through bespoke intervention, locally sourced trees and species-rich woodlands, and a data-led approach.

Multiple layers of value creation

In addition to nature-based credits, targeting predictable and sustainable ancillary cash flows through property restoration, ecotourism, sustainable agriculture and renewable energy.

Community driven

Aligned with the needs of local communities, restoring the natural landscape, creating local jobs, providing open-access areas and avoiding planting on agricultural land.

“We have an opportunity to kickstart a natural capital economy. By focusing on the quality of conservation, investors can target attractive, sustainable returns and accelerate the transition to net zero.”

Jonathan Digges, Chief Investment Officer

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Jonathan Digges

Chief Investment Officer

Mike Toft

Senior Fund Manager

Alex Godfrey

Investment Director

Gabi Slemer

Natural Capital Investment Lead

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