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Real Estate Debt Investment

A catalyst for real estate transformation.

Why invest in real estate debt?

Property is a core component of the economic engine. Debt financing is an effective way to kickstart a chain of positive transformation in the sector.

Private investment in real estate debt can help regenerate the UK. This can be achieved through making use of brownfield sites, repurposing obsolete buildings, or enhancing the built environment.

In turn, more affordable beds are delivered to the housing market, and more energy-efficient stock is brought to the market more quickly.

Our approach to investing in real estate debt

As a non-bank lender, we are uniquely placed to create value. We aim to capture significant upside potential through our ability to provide flexible finance to high-quality borrowers.

Maximising potential

Lending against fully depreciated properties
and land to increase upside potential, while managing risk.

Short-term lending

Minimising exposure to time-related risk, enhancing predictability for investors.


We are committed to creating value for people and the environment, alongside robust returns.

Meet the team

Ludo Mackenzie Octopus Real Estate

Ludo MacKenzie

Head of Commercial Lending

James Nunn

Fund Manager

Nick Westoby

Investment Director

Dominic Gibson

Investment Director

Oliver Cookson

Investment Associate

“We provide strategic financing solutions to ambitious businesses, fostering their growth with bespoke loan structures, not generic offerings. While our approach is deliberate and long-term, the satisfaction of witnessing tangible progress – buildings constructed, communities flourishing, jobs generated – is unparalleled.”

Ludo Mackenzie, Head of Commercial Lending at Octopus

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