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The Meadowcroft, Tooting

The Meadowcroft, a sustainable care home in the Springfield University Hospital Estate, was developed by STEP and forward funded by our care home strategy. The home is part of a broader estate redevelopment that includes a new mental health hospital, residential provision, and parkland. Replacing a 1990s care home, it adds 64 quality care beds to the market. Completed in January 2023, Greensleeves, a not-for-profit operator with a strong clinical track record, operates the home which is rated BREEAM ‘Excellent’, utilising the District Heating System powered by low NOx gas-fired combined Heat & Power engines, reducing its carbon footprint significantly.

  • Number of beds: 64
  • Practical Completion Date: January 2023
  • EPC rating: A
  • BREEAM In-Use: Excellent
  • BREEAM New Construction: Excellent

Granville Gardens, Hinckley

Granville Gardens, our first fully electric fossil fuel-free home in Leicestershire, opened its doors in November 2023, adding c.70 new quality care beds to the market. It features air-source heat pumps and has an EPC of A with an Energy Efficiency Rating of 6. The home is also conveniently located opposite a recent housing and retirement development, with an adjacent bowling green for community activities.

  • Number of beds: 67
  • Practical Completion Date: November 2023
  • EPC rating: A
  • BREEAM In-Use: Excellent

Westwood Manor, Sheringham

Westwood Manor, a state-of-the-art new care home in Sheringham, Norfolk, is currently under construction and set to open in summer 2024. To be operated by Artisan Care, the home will deliver 70 high-quality care beds, addressing the growing demand in the ageing demographic along the East Anglia coastline. Committed to sustainability, the developer, Care Build Group, is delivering an all-electric scheme including the use of an air source heat pump.

  • Number of beds: 70
  • Practical Completion Date: July 2024
  • EPC rating: Targeting A
  • BREEAM In-Use: Targeting Excellent

Wilmslow Manor, Wilmslow

Wilmslow Manor Care Home, developed by McGoff Group and operated by New Care, opened in September 2022. Both are key partners with a strategic alliance for funding new care homes. Located on the northeastern edge of Wilmslow, approximately nine miles south of Manchester, the home has easy access to major road links. The development features EV charging and a landscaped communal garden. In proximity to a primary school and a new residential development, this home contributes an additional 63 new quality care beds to an undersupplied market.

  • Number of beds: 63
  • Practical Completion Date: September 2022
  • EPC rating: B
  • BREEAM In-Use: Very Good

Hepworth House, Wakefield

Hepworth House, a 66-bed care home developed by LNT Group and forwarded funded by our care home strategy, is located within a 375-hectare mixed-use development northeast of Wakefield. Originally operated by Ideal Care (recently acquired by HC-One), the home holds an ‘Outstanding’ clinical rating from the Care Quality Commission. Featuring spacious rooms exceeding the Care Standards Act Requirement, it utilises ground source heating and advanced draining systems for climate resilience. The development addresses an underserved market, delivering 66 quality care beds where no wetroom beds were previously available.

  • Number of beds: 66
  • Practical Completion Date: March 2021
  • EPC rating: A
  • BREEAM In-Use: Excellent

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